Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seeing Double

To encourage comments on this blog which seldom receives comments, I have added the Chatterbox widget to the sidebar and have enabled it so you will receive a LINKBACK to your blog or site when you post a comment! So for those who have been stopping by to relish the photos of the skies of Maui, Hawaii, you now have the option to make a comment TWO Ways. If you comment via the widget, you will receive the gift of a linkback.

Hey Ryan...a big Mahalo Nui Loa for this idea!

Furthermore, if you have a beautiful photo of the Maui skies, you can email it to me, and I will give you credit and a link to your site or blog if you have one.

Mahalo for assisting this photoblog to have a wider audience.

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Blogger Michelle said...

How gorgeous! And the colors are so vibrant!

Blogger Payday said...

Great picture

Blogger Gamble Pro said...

these photos are great, did you take them yourself? if yes, you are a budding photographer.


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