Friday, March 09, 2007

Michelle's Maui Skies

Several posts back I issued an invitation for those with beautiful Maui Skies photos to submit them to me, and I would display a photo (or more) and link back.

Michelle of Faith Family & Friends boldly stepped forth, and so here is the gorgeous sunset she photographed on a Maui vacation. I'd also like to acknowledge Michelle's birthday....I may be one day late, but that seems to be 'normal' for me lately-- as it is for so many as the days flow by so quickly.


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Blogger Michelle said...

Thank you! For the birthday wishes and for publishing my pic! I added a little blog to let everyone know my photo is up. Maybe it will bring more traffic here for you!

Blogger Sarge Charlie said...

thank you for posting michelle's photo, great choice

Anonymous eph2810 said...

That is indeed beautiful. Thank you for featuring Michelle's photo.

Anonymous ROB said...

I am a sucker for sunset images, this is a great example. Beautiful.


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