Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Maui Skies

This morning I checked my Stat Counter for my blogs, and Maui Skies showed 240 visitors yesterday which is unheard of for this small blog! However, I only see one comment from Wendy, and no one wished this blog a Happy Birthday! How very strange! What was happening here when I was busy elsewhere?! Was there a party going-on that I missed?

Anyway, today is the 200th Post Birthday for Maui Skies!!! Whoot! When I started this blog in 2006, I knew I had a great subject for the Maui Skies are every changing and filled with drama. Practically every sunset and sunrise is astonishingly beautiful, so how could I go wrong?

This past year I have featured the good, the bad, and the ugly of Maui Skies. Yes, Maui has pollution and bad air in some areas too! The cane burn smoke (and ashes) and Vog impact the air we breathe, so all isn't perfect in Paradise.

Yet with that said, we truly have beautiful skies to behold. Please take your time and savor the many views of Maui. Feel the expansiveness, and let your spirit soar.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on an outrageous blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You....etc. Congratulations! You certainly live in a lovely place, despite its problems.

Anonymous stillwaters said...

Belated happy birthday to your blog. You've got great shots of skies. I love your photographs. Keep at it. Good luck.

Blogger Annie said...

Hooray for the birthday, Kuanyin. I love your skies and your blog.

Blogger Kuanyin said...

Mahalo Nui Loa for all your kind comments and birthday blessings!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely shot. Happy birthday.
- Paul @ www.photographyvoter.com


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