Friday, November 21, 2008

Here's Peeking At You

If you'd like to see more fabulous sky photos, click here.

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Blogger Greyscale Territory said...

Glorious sunset tones and love the leaning palm tree in silhouette!

Blogger Shinade said...

Oh my Kuanyin this is a fabulous shot. Oh it must be lovely to live in Hawaii!

Also thank you for following me on Twitter. I don't always stay signed in though.

it is very difficult for me to be signed in when I making my rounds and doing drops!!

Happy SWF:-)

Anonymous Deborah Godin said...

This is postcard perfect. I've just scrolled down moe of your SWF photos - really lovely scenes you've capture. But, I guess when you live in paradise to being with, it's easy to do!!

Blogger The Good Life in Virginia said...

this is a true shot of that makes you want to come and visit hawaii.

have a wonderful weekend.

Blogger fishing guy said...

Kuanyin: That is a beautiful capture through the palm tree.

Blogger raf said...

Can it get more exotic or romantic than that for sky watching! Tops, Kuanyin!


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